Parewaitai Estates Ltd is a family established company with 30 years of experience in the property development sector. Entrusted with this land, a gift from their Great Grandmother, the family have sought to honour her memory by providing a care legacy that will support the Papamoa community for years to come.

  • Kensway Consultant Ltd – Has over 25 years of experience in Commercial Design, Construction and Aged Care Project Management. Recipients of the 2019 New Zealand Commercial Project Award, has completed over 500 Retirement Villas, 1000 care beds, and over 400 Aged Care Apartments.
  • Foley Group Ltd – Offer over 30 years of Aged Care Development architectural experience, with just under 500 Aged Care Developments successfully completed to date. Designed specifically for place, purpose, comfort, and ease of use in mind. Peruse our village and home designs where every feature is considered.
  • Classic Builders – Was established in the Bay of Plenty in 1996 and is the most successful residential building company in the region. Accountable to the highest expectations in quality and service, Classic Group has created and operated multiple retirement villages.

Parewaitai Village is situated in the popular coastal town of Papamoa, is conveniently located to the beach, several golf courses, regional airport, shops, cafés and much more.


When the village is complete there will be 110 two-bedroom Villas, an Apartment Complex with 77 apartments, and a 100-bed Care Facility providing rest home, dementia and hospital care. The Community Centre has been designed to enable the enjoyment of community group gatherings and participation in leisure, recreation, and social activities.

Parewaitai Village is architecturally designed to be modern, homely and easy to live in. There are duplex and triplex configurations with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, open plan living, kitchen-dining and an outdoor patio area. The neutral interior colour pallet is complimented by quality fixtures and fittings. The exterior of your home is equally considered with a covered entryway, single garage, and landscaped grounds.

The Community Centre will be developed following completion of Stage 1. It is elegantly designed for village residents to enjoy and share with neighbours, friends, and family. There is a games room, gym area, TV lounge, dining area, modern kitchen, residents bar, BBQ area, and Petanque Court.

Wander through the village to the outdoor Bowling Green and future Apartment Complex, where our intention is to establish additional amenities like a heated swimming pool.

Parewaitai Village is situated in the heart of an established community where you will find the Papamoa Library and Papamoa Plaza with over 40 stores, a countdown supermarket, cafes and amenities. There is public transport from the Plaza to Papamoa Beach, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga Town Centre, and Tauranga Regional Airport.   There are several golf courses in the area including the Mt Maunganui Golf Club and the Summerhill Estate Golf Club.

Just let the Village Manager know when you are away, and we will keep an eye on your home and maintain your garden in your absence.

Parewaitai Village is your residence. Family and friends are welcome to stay in your home. To discuss having your guest, or guests stay longer than 60 days, please speak with the Village Manager.

Participation in village events is at your discretion. Do feel free to speak with the Village Manager should you have any questions or queries relating to any village activity or event.

Your wellbeing is our priority. The residents are welcome to speak with the Village Manager on any points of interest or concern. The Residents Committee will meet regularly with the Village Manager to discuss resident matters. We will also keep residents informed through newsletters and notices posted on the community centre notice board. If there are any matters of urgency, we will send an email and/or place a letter in your letter box.

We acknowledge the enjoyment and companionship that a pet provides. In special circumstances residents will be able to bring a small dog or cat to the village for the remaining life of the animal. Discretion is with the Village Manager on a case-by-case basis. We therefore encourage you to discuss the circumstance of your pet at the earliest instance.

Resident homes are built with your safety and security in mind. Each residence is fitted with an emergency call button. Regular security patrols will be supplemented with closed circuit television security systems to essential areas, such as entry gates. When the village is complete, it will have 24-hour staffing from the Care Facility.

If you have health and mobility concerns, please discuss with the Village Manager. Should you wish to consider modifications to your residence, we shall arrange for the Building Manager to assess the full scope of works and provide you with a full estimate of costs.

Parewaitai Village will include a 100-bed Care Facility with access to a rest home, dementia and hospital care. To arrange an introduction to the Care Facility, speak with the Village Manager.

Your rights, our responsibilities

Living in a Retirement Village is different from owning your house on your own land. Our residents are protected by law, under the Retirement Villages Act 2003. It is important that you understand all of your rights, including our responsibilities. While we are available to answer your questions, as you progress with your enquiries we recommend that you seek independent legal advice.

Our residents purchase the Occupation Rights to their home. An Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) is different from a Title. This is a very specific kind of occupancy license that is governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003, and regulated under the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008. The Title to the land and buildings remains with Parewaitai Estates Ltd.

An Occupation Right Agreement grants you the right to occupy your residence for life and allows you access and use of all of the facilities at Parewaitai Village. It is a detailed legal document that complies with the Retirement Villages Act 2003. When you move into the village and deposit your entry payment, you will sign the ORA. The signing of this document must be witnessed by your Solicitor who is obliged to satisfy all of your questions, queries and explain all of your rights and obligations detailed in the document. This agreement expires when you leave the village. Following are some of the features:

  • Living in your home
  • Living at the village
  • Costs payable during your stay
  • Caring and maintaining your home
  • How we will run the village
  • Transferring to another home
  • How this agreement ends
  • Vacating your home
  • Payments following termination
  • How to solve problems
  • Signing of this agreement

Your peace of mind is our priority. If you decide not to move into our village, you have 15 working days from the date you signed the Occupational Rights Agreement to notify us in writing, your intention to cancel. We will cancel your ORA and refund your deposit in full. If you change your mind after you have moved into your home, we offer a money-back guarantee for a period of six months following the date of occupation. Upon your written notice to leave the village, we will resell your home, and refund your entry payment, less the deferred management contribution (terms and conditions apply).

The Residential Housing Market is prone to fluctuation. This can affect Retirement Villages too. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about capital loss. Why? Even if we re-sell your ORA for less than you paid, you will receive your entry payment, less the pre-agreed Deferred Management Contribution.

As you would expect there are some sensible rules that govern living in the village. These are designed to protect the rights and lifestyle of residents and are provided with the document pack for new residents. We are happy to provide you with a copy at any time.

Parewaitai Village is responsible for the insurance policies to all buildings in the village, including your home. However, the costs for insurance is accounted for in your weekly fee. You are responsible for insuring your personal belongings, house contents and private motor vehicle. Should you or your guest damage any dwelling or Community Centre building you are responsible for payment of the excess charge applicable to the claim of insurance.

When you permanently leave your villa or apartment your Occupational Right Agreement will terminate. It is our responsibility to re-sell the ORA on your home. There is no additional charge for sales, marketing or administration. Provided the dwelling has only been subject to fair wear and tear, there will be no costs for refurbishment.

The sale process is governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008. Once the new incoming resident has completed their purchase, you will receive the payment on the sale of your villa, or apartment. If there is a time-lag between your departure and the new ORA sale, the weekly fee continues to be payable for ongoing costs, such as, rates and insurance.

If the sale takes any longer than six months, the weekly fee will be reduced to 50%. (A copy of the disclosure statement is available on request).

Parewaitai Village is registered with the Retirement Villages Association. All registered village operators must comply with a legislated Code of Practice which establishes the day to day management of the village, and provides a comprehensive suite of resident protections set out in the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

In accordance with the Retirement Villages Act 2003, a Statutory Supervisor with regulatory monitoring authority is appointed to protect the interests of existing and intending Retirement Village Residents. The Statutory Supervisor for Parewaitai Village is the Covenant Trustee Services Ltd.

Covenant Trustee Services Ltd monitors the village to provide an environment of security and protection of rights for residents under the law. They review the villages audited accounts, monitor financial transactions relating to ORA’s, and act on behalf of the residents where appropriate. The village is required to submit a comprehensive Financial Report to include profit, loss, and forecasts, at the Residents Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the legislation covers specific disclosure and reporting obligations to the residents.

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 requires a village to observe the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008, which sets out minimum standards for operating a Retirement Village, including:

  • Staffing of the Retirement Village
  • Safety and personal security of residents
  • Fire protection and emergency management
  • Transfer of residents within a village
  • Insurance cover
  • Maintenance and upgrading
  • Meetings of residents with operator and resident involvement
  • Communication
  • Complaint facility
  • Accounts
  • Termination of Occupation Right Agreement by operator or resident

A copy of the Code of Practice will be provided to you when you apply for an Occupation Right Agreement.

We are happy to provide you and your Solicitor with copies of any of the documents mentioned herein; ORA, Retirement Village Code of Practice 2008, Disclosure Statement.

Information about the Retirement Villages Act 2003 can be found on the Commission for Financial Capability website at www.cffc.org.nz

Future residents are asked to complete an application for the residence of their choice, and pay a $5,000 deposit to the Statutory Supervisor, Covenant Trustee Services Ltd. No other payment is due until final settlement. Applications may be subject to the sale of an existing house or other conditions as mutually agreed.

We are legally and morally obligated to ensure that you are comfortable with your decision to reside at Parewaitai Village. We will provide the necessary documentation to take to your solicitor.

Once you have completed your application and paid your deposit. The Occupational Right Agreement will be available for signing in the presence of your Solicitor. All that is left is to wait for the completion of the sale agreement, and of course, start packing.

When you and your new home are ready the balance of the ORA payment is to be paid to the Statutory Supervisor. This is when you officially take possession of your new home. Once the Statutory Supervisor is satisfied the Occupation Rights Agreement has been issued correctly, they will authorise your funds be released to Parewaitai Village.

What are the numbers?

Moving into Parewaitai Village involves three payment types:


The entry payment is similar to the purchase price of a house. In this instance it is the amount you pay, to purchase your right to occupy and live in your home. Once you leave the village this entry payment will be returned to you or your estate, less the deferred management contribution.


This one-off payment is due only when you leave the village and is calculated on a daily basis. Once you have lived in the village for three years or more, the maximum amount deducted is 25% of your entry payment.


Your weekly fee covers a huge range of costs including; water rates, house insurance, waste collection, gardening, lawns, security, lighting, exterior house maintenance and repair.